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Idarado has been a long time family owned company originally owned by Mark and Chantal Wood (Wintermoon Sled dog Adventures) They started back in 1993 and still do tours to this day. Their kids Teale, Lander and Nahani   have always been part of the business. Teale and her husband Amos have now taken over a portion of the family business to continue the family heritage and pass it on to their son Kemmer. The Cook Family operates a true family run experience. Your guides and their dogs will share their love & passion for Mushing with you, for an adventure that will be remembered. The comradeship between human and canine is an experience, you & your friends and family will consider unmatched. With Many years of back country guiding experience the Cook Family will make this an ADVENTURE you will consider a lifetime memory! Join us so we can share this Family Tradition with you.

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