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 Reservations are required. Please fill out the form below to start the   booking process. Once received we then can then get you a price Quote       for your group and dates we have available. 

if not we have a shuttle you can
book with.  Shuttle Fee $300 

Your hotel won't shuttle you 

 We are a weight sensitive tour. Each sled needs to stay within 350 LBS

Success! Message received.

we are not in the office 24/7 please allow a few days for a email back

• Payment - We do take payment in full once you book. 
There is a credit card fee of 2.9% and a Forest Service fee of 3.0%
The card holder paying / Attending guest will have have to sign a form that they understand and agree to our cancellation policy

We have had to ENFORCE a 30 Day Cancellation Policy!
If you cancel with more then 30 Day's notice we will refund 50% of your reservation. if you cancel within 30 Days of your reservation your payment is NON REFUNDABLE.

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